Menopause simply means a “pausing of menstruation”.  The Peri-Menopause, meaning “around menopause”, is the period of time leading up to the menopause.

If that was all that the Menopause involved then I think most women would be quite happy to accept that.  However, there is so much more that comes with the onset of the menopause. 

It is a time of huge hormonal change in our bodies and it can bring with it an array of symptoms.  Almost half of women experience at least one menopausal symptom, but many experience a multitude with the most common being depression, anxiety and joint stiffness.  Furthermore, research* has shown that high stress levels increase the likelihood of severe menopausal symptoms.

Peri-menopause commonly starts over the age or 45 (but may be earlier for some women), usually beginning with unpredictable menstrual cycles and, although for many it lasts a few years, for some it can last over a decade!  

During the early stages of peri-menopause, some women aren’t aware that this change is happening within their body and resign themselves to living with issues they don’t realise are related.  Common symptoms can include sleep disturbance, hot flushes, night sweats, low libido, loss of memory, anxiety and generally feeling low, which women often attribute to other things going on in their life without realizing they are hormonally linked.  Women can feel isolated, less active and not understood.  

I have enormous empathy for anyone experiencing the menopause, as I have been on the “Menopausal journey” myself for many years.  Having undertaken advanced reflexology for menopause training, with both Sally Earlam and Seren Fertility,  I am aware of the benefit that reflexology can bring to ease menopausal symptoms and support women during this time.  Reflexology can be effective in improving sleep disorder and decreasing anxiety, depression and hot flushes (research links below).  Specific individualized menopause reflexology treatments can help with a reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life.

This is a time for women to take control and find their purpose in life.  Women shouldn’t just accept and live with the changes, but find a way to alleviate or manage their symptoms. 

Reflexology can help support you through your Menopause journey, whether you are experiencing the Peri-Menopause or are already in the Menopause, in particular by providing relaxation and easing symptoms.

Don’t suffer on your own, find help and support with reflexology.


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Reflexology research

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Reflexology can be effective in improving sleep disorders, and reducing hot flushes, anxiety and depression.


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